Benefits of Using In-Season Flowers For Your Wedding

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seasonal wedding bouquetAs you select the flowers for your wedding, be sure to consider the effects of the seasons! Although Los Angeles’s mild weather gives you a good chance of finding almost any flower you could want at any time of the year, it is still smart to research which flowers will be in season for your wedding so you end up with fresh, vibrant floras.

Sticker Shock

Many weddings have themes and often these themes include colors and specific types of flowers. While out-season flowers can be grown in greenhouses or flown in from other states or countries, the cost can add up quickly. In-season flowers typically cost less and may look healthier and fuller than non-season flowers. By using in-season blooms, you can maximize your floral budget and increase the size of your bouquet or other floral decorations.

While many flowers are available year round, the bloom price may jump from $3 when in season to $8 purchased out-of-season. Additionally, some flowers may be completely unavailable outside their growing season. Seasonal limitations apply strictly to flowers like lilacs, peonies, or mums. By purchasing in-season flowers, brides can avoid paying extra shipping costs or fees associated with the flower’s seasonal rarity.

Easier to Obtain

Many brides have turned to using in-season and native plants for wedding bouquets. Native plants that are in-season may provide brides with a more durable bouquet of flowers. In-season flowers may resist wilting or petal loss from gripped stems or other abrasions.

If brides want to incorporate a particular flower into their wedding, then planning around the appropriate season maximizes the availability of the flower. In-season flowers have a greater availability and are easier to obtain than out-of-season flowers, and that leaves more wiggle room for florists who may be experiencing difficulty with a particular supplier or grower.

Talking to the florist ahead of time will help brides figure out when certain flowers are in season and what color themes will be feasible.

Quality Flowers

Unfortunately, out-of-season flowers must be shipped in to the florist where they are arranged into a bouquet. The long hours of shipping and possible inhospitable weather conditions in which flowers are shipped may affect a bloom’s appearance. For vibrant, fresh, beautiful flowers without signs of damage, in-season flowers, preferably grown locally, are best.

In-season flowers, preferably grown in California, may also be larger and have more intense color than out-of-season flowers. When grown out-of-season and imported, florists have little information about the flowers’ growing conditions. Imported flowers are subject to another state’s or country’s precipitation patterns, pests, and plant diseases.

Seasonal Aesthetics

While both native and non-native flowers are grown in California, wedding guests often appreciate certain types of blooms incorporated into seasonal weddings. For instance, fall brides may carry amaryllis, gerbera daisies, or irises in their bouquets to complement their wedding day look, and winter weddings will captivate guests with hydrangeas, lilies, and fragrant orchids. Attendees of spring and summer nuptials often enjoy the brilliant hues of daffodils, peonies, and the year-round favorite, roses. Carefully selecting flowers in-bloom during California’s growing season will assist in budget maintenance and stage the perfect backdrop for your highly anticipated wedding day.


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