5 Reasons to Have Your Wedding at a Country Club

Posted By On 13 Aug 2014

country club weddingTraditional church weddings are not as common as they used to be with so many favorable options for your wedding and reception. A popular choice amongst many couples is a Country Club wedding. Here are 5 reasons why a Country Club wedding is a great choice for anyone planning their nuptials:

The Aesthetics Don’t Have To Be Created

In the past, wedding parties and families spent hours transforming a church into a glittering wonderland for the bride and groom. While the product is often stunning, the amount of work leaves the family exhausted before the wedding even begins, and often the final result fails to meet expectations.

At a Country Club, the well-kept grounds provide an exquisite setting that requires no additional work from family and friends. With groundskeepers who maintain the land year round, there is little work that has to be done before an outdoor ceremony.

Country Clubs also have ballrooms or other indoor facilities for couples who do not want an outdoor wedding. Whether indoor or outdoor, the beautiful setting is only one of the many benefits of holding a wedding and reception at a country club.

One Place for Everything

One of the biggest perks of a Country Club wedding is being able to have the wedding and reception at the same location. This allows all members of the wedding party and guests to maximize their time together celebrating the bride and groom. Out-of-town guests will appreciate staying in a single location and will avoid getting lost in a new city.

No More Worrying About Catering

Choosing the right caterer is stressful for many couples. With a large range of prices, menus, and services from which to choose, couples are easily overwhelmed by all the options. This often means they ultimately have more trouble making final decisions. This stress immediately disappears with a Country Club wedding. Country Clubs can provide numerous options for impressive catered meals appropriate for any type of ceremony.

Pick a Package and Relax

Wedding preparation involves much more than food selection. Country Clubs provide all the necessary items for a celebration, like chairs, tablecloths, dishes, cake cutting, and much more. They make it easy by providing packages in different combinations. This guarantees every couple can find exactly what they need for their special day.

Let Your Guests Enjoy the Event

Many wedding venues require some assistance from a friend or relative to help pick up after the event, but after a night of drinking and dancing, the last thing any wedding guest wants to do is start cleaning. Country Clubs understand that party guests shouldn’t be responsible for this part of the evening. Staff members are well trained to be on hand before and after the event to make sure everything is in order.

From lining up chairs with precision for the ceremony to sweeping birdseed off the sidewalk, the staff is prepared to make the lives of friends and family easier by performing these dirty jobs.

Country Clubs are becoming one of the most popular options for weddings. With all their special services, couples can simply relax and enjoy the anticipation of their wedding day instead of stressing about the details.


I am the Catering Director for Friendly Hills Country Club and am responsible for the overall operation of our catering facility. I not only manage client relations but also maintain employee and vendor relations to run a successful catering facility

I have worked for Friendly Hills Country Club for 9 years and have been in the food and beverage industry for 25 years.

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  1. Jennifer Murillo says:

    Can I get a list of the prices to your venue for a wedding and if you have a photo of the reception hall.

    Thank you

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