Great Banquet Themes For Any Season in Los Angeles

Posted By On 28 Jun 2013

If you’re hosting a banquet in Los Angeles, choosing a theme is an essential part of setting the tone for your event. Let’s take a look at a few different possibilities for a classy theme in Los Angeles and how your theme should influence your plans!

Candlelight Party


This is a great way to add a touch of class to a party! Candlelight doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic, although a well-done table setting lit by a fine candelabrum is certainly a fantastic way to bring that couples dinner to the next level. If you’re seeking a quiet, peaceful event for conversation rather than a boisterous event with lots of dancing, doing it by candlelight can definitely set the tone. As you plan for a candlelight party, take into account the fact that your lighting will be lower, so stick to simple decorations and bold type on menus and place cards.

Garden Party


Los Angeles boasts comfortable weather throughout the year, so heading outside is always an option! Daytime garden parties can be as casual or as formal as you desire, from an outdoor potluck to a beautifully catered event replete with fine china. For a garden party, consider minimizing the media bells and whistles and going with simpler options for music and visuals that won’t require trailing wires across a park or botanic garden.

Nautical or Beach Party

This is another great option that provides a wide spectrum of formality. For classier options, think the golden age of voyages across the Atlantic, or Hamptons beach houses. Consider whether or not having your party at the beach is the best option. It can require some extra planning (and sand in guests’ shoes), but there’s nothing like the sound of the ocean as dinner music! Or, bring your nautical theme inside with maritime decorations and invitations sent message-in-a-bottle style.

Celebrity Party

LA is a city known for its concentration of stars, so why not get in on the action? Host a red-carpet party where every guest gets the celebrity treatment. Let everyone know that the dress code is black tie – nothing less than what they’d wear to the Oscars!

Retro Party

History is filled with interesting styles, especially when it comes to pulling out all the stops for a party. Choose a specific decade, era, or inspiration (Great Gatsby parties have been extremely popular this year, for example, thanks to the new film adaptation). Deck out your banquet location to reflect the time period, and suggest that your guests come dressed according to the theme.

Around the World Party

Countries and cultures around the world have a huge amount to offer in terms of food, music, and decoration. Pick a few of your favorites and hold an “around the world” party where guests will get to experience international travel without leaving their seats. Have each course of the meal reflect a different culture, or, if you choose to go buffet style, set up stations around the room where guests can sample foods from each country.

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