How to Look Gorgeous in Every Single Wedding Picture

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The sky is blue, and the sun is shining – a Los Angeles wedding virtually guarantees perfect weather for your special day, along with a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos. But, as any bride-to-be knows, a spotless sky is far from the only thing that can impact how you look in your photos come wedding day. The angle and position of lighting, your pose, makeup, and many other factors will all contribute to the final result. Follow these tips for taking photos that will bring back great memories for years to come.

Trust Your Photographer

Having a great photographer can be the make-or-break factor in how your wedding photos turn out. For your wedding day, choose someone experienced who can take on this important job with skill and professionalism. A good photographer can be costly, but those countless pictures will be how you recount your memories for years to come. Couples never regret hiring a photographer, but many couples with less than stellar photos regret not prioritizing this factor enough.

Try Engagement Photos

Engagement photos can be a great way to get some low stress shots, and ideally, they can also act as a practice session with your wedding photographer. Taking engagement photos with your wedding photographer will allow you to get used to his or her style, build up a relationship, and ease nerves on the big day. It also allows your photographer to determine the best lighting and angles to shoot from. Many couples are also testing out what are known as “groomals.” Groomals are a chance for the bride and groom to take advance pictures in their wedding attire. Ever wonder where those beautiful shots of couples holding hands in a field came from? You can bet they probably originated as groomals, rather than true wedding day pictures.

Get the Lighting Right

Great wedding pictures depend on having great lighting. Ideally, you should take your wedding photos close to either sunrise or sunset. Yes, this may be inconvenient in terms of wedding scheduling, but midday light makes for the poorest quality photos, and often leave those being photographed simultaneously squinting and in shadows. The other alternative is to take photographs indoors and allow your photographer to manipulate the lighting, but most couples prefer outdoor photos.

Consider a Makeup Artist

You’ve been doing your own makeup for years – surely at most all you need is the help of a friend’s steady hand to apply your wedding day face, right? No. On your wedding day it is best to bring in a professional with his or her full array of techniques, tools, and products. Along the same line as photos, it’s a great idea to do a test run of your wedding look with the makeup artist before the big day. While you’re at it, take some pictures in various kinds of lighting to make sure your features are best highlighted.

Your wedding day is always a time of nerves and excitement. But, with these tricks and some trustworthy professional help, your wedding photos will be a flawless testament to this most important day.


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