Make Your Country Club Wedding a Winter Wonderland

Posted By On 21 Jan 2015

Getting married in the winter offers many unique opportunities to showcase a couple’s personal flair, especially if they embrace the season.

With beautifully maintained grounds, a breathtaking waterfall, and luxurious amenities, Friendly Hills Country Club is a natural choice for a winter wedding. FHCC has the space and scenery to let you design a winter wonderland straight out of a fairy tale.

Here are some ideas on how to plan a winter wedding you will cherish for a lifetime:

  • Lights. People have used candles and electric lights to brighten the winter season for ages. With carefully manicured foliage at a FHCC there are countless opportunities to let creativity flow in your lighting design, making your wedding truly sparkle.
  • Ice Sculptures and Decorations. Colder temperatures mean ice sculptures don’t have to be temporary. Outdoor ice art and decorations can add an additional refined flair to the stately grounds.
  • Sleigh Ride. A winter country club wedding offers a unique chance to experience childhood fantasies and create cherished memories. Close your eyes and feel the crisp air as the softly twinkling bridle bells carry you away.
  • Holiday Themes. Whether through music or decorations, a winter wedding can invoke the comfort and joy of the holiday season. Couples can embrace the most wonderful part of the season by spreading out wrapped gifts for guests, playing music composed for the season, or hanging stockings by the fire.
  • Warm Beverages. With FHCC’s world-class kitchen there are many beverages available to suit the season. Ask for mulled wine to be ladled from a steaming pot and bring joy to children with hot cocoa topped with fresh whipped cream.
  • Fireplaces. Enjoy your steamy mug of cocoa beside a roaring fireplace and make your wedding a cozy affair. The intimacy of a fireplace will make a special day comforting and memorable.
  • Gowns.  Winter is for bundling up in many layers, which is just the kind of opportunity a wedding dressmaker longs for. Imagine feeling like a queen enrobed in a white wedding gown. Fur collars make elegant additions that will vastly enhance the look of any bride-to-be.
  • Whimsical Photography. Photographers love winter for the unique lighting opportunities it offers. Indoors or outdoors, a photographer has countless resources for composing shots couples will cherish for a lifetime.

A winter wedding at Friendly Hills Country Club is a one-of-a-kind experience for those couples wishing to showcase their originality.

The mild winters of Los Angeles mean that a couple can have a winter wedding without sacrificing comfort and style. Friendly Hills Country Club offers a beautiful setting for any occasion. Contact us today for more information about how to plan the wedding day of your dreams.


I am the Catering Director for Friendly Hills Country Club and am responsible for the overall operation of our catering facility. I not only manage client relations but also maintain employee and vendor relations to run a successful catering facility

I have worked for Friendly Hills Country Club for 9 years and have been in the food and beverage industry for 25 years.

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